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Bridal 2023-2024

When it comes to offering best-selling engagement ring and wedding band styles in the industry, Stuller has the current trends in bridal jewelry covered with the latest edition of this catalog.

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What's New

More Than 600 New Styles

Lab-Grown Diamond and New Expansion Callouts

Updated Photography

New Scan to Shop Feature

New in Bridal

Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry

For an unmistakable shine at an enticing price point, browse classic bridal jewelry styles set exclusively with lab-grown diamonds — achievable elegance for the love of a lifetime.

Designer Bridal 2023

Made for the one-of-a-kind bride, our Designer Bridal Collection represents the most powerful trends in bridal jewelry that are sure to impress. Available in four curated assortments, the collection offers new engagement ring and anniversary band designs for a unique look.

Bridal Bestsellers

As Stuller’s complete bridal program, ever&ever® offers more than just product. With marketing support, rapid delivery, and completely customizable styles, you can ensure that every customer receives an unforgettable experience.

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Band Builder

Experience a completely custom experience for designing wedding bands — all in one place.

Flexible 3C Designs

Create a unique style with the click of a button.

Modify a Style

Explore endless possibilities for a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

Bridal Selling Systems

For the customer that values variety, customization, and choice, rely on Stuller’s offering of in-case selling systems to meet their needs and find the perfect ring. With assortments that range from on-trend, classic styles to flexible designs, find a selling system that supports your bridal business while providing an interactive experience.

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6/21/2024 Market Prices:
Gold 2335.05 Platinum 996.00 Silver 30.44