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“Your event had so much valuable information that all of us in the jewelry industry need to be aware of. I appreciate your research and delivering that information to us. Thank you!”

- Steven Kaplan, Steven D Kaplan Private Jewelers
Attendee of our Scottsdale event

“Great job, I always appreciate the training and knowledge I receive from the events Stuller organizes. Stuller and the staff go out of their way to organize an exceptional experience and value with their events. Thank you!”

- Keith Flynn, Flynn Jewelry
Attendee of our St. Petersburg event

“My son, David, and I attended the Transform event and it was more than I expected, and my expectations for Stuller were very high. The event was organized just perfect; the set up was inviting and hands-on; the presenters were informative and genuine; the topics were interesting and initiated the thinking process for us and many attendees. The food and desserts were amazing. In my opinion, the event was a WOW experience. I always say that Stuller is the best company in our industry, and this event has brought it to an even higher level of excellence.”

- Henry Feldman, Henry's Fine Jewelry

“We will take every opportunity to learn more about this business! Stuller does an amazing job at making information accessible and easy to digest, and with a tremendous amount of class. The speakers are moving and educated, which makes me want to learn more.”

- Jessica Chavers, Gem Shop
Attendee of our Chicago event

Enchanted Jewelers

“Transform Tour is a must-do event if you seek prosperity for your store. The sense of community and support are critical to maintaining a thriving industry.”

- Jill Keith, Enchanted Jewelry
Attendee of our Boston event

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11/28/2022 Market Prices:
Gold 1746.55 Platinum 1003.00 Silver 21.48