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ProJet® 1200

Projet 1200 printer

The ProJet 1200 brings the excitement of 3D printing to your business by producing sample models from CounterSketch® prior to ordering from Stuller, and castable models from Matrix® and RhinoGold.

Compact: About the size of a coffee maker

Fast: Most jewelry pieces take less than three hours to create

Affordable: Most models cost less than $3.00 in materials

Examples of Projet pieces
Projet printer, program and piece examples

Pro Package - $5,795.00

Our 3D printing Pro Package includes —

  • ProJet 1200 3D Printer

  • Easy export tools built right inside your software

  • One-year manufacturer warranty

  • Gemvision software technical support and premium hardware support including remote installation, sameday support response, and a loaner or replacement machine should your printer need to be sent in for repair work.

CounterSketch Integration

  • Take designs from on screen to on your customer’s finger in under two hours

  • Export directly from CounterSketch Bridal, Plus or Studio

  • Print try-on quality samples of your designs prior to ordering from Stuller

Projet Matrix Systen

Matrix & RhinoGold Integration

  • Incorporate fast and affordable 3D printing into your production process

  • Create an enhanced customer try-on experience for your custom designs

  • Export directly from Matrix and RhinoGold

  • Print castable quality models of your designs

Market prices as of 5/26/2017
Gold 1265.05 Platinum 965.00 Silver 17.29