Grobetlux Red Polishing Compound 1/4lb

Select grade of abrasives are uniformly blended to guarantee results.  These compounds have special features that allow good adhesion to the fibers of brushes, buffs or felts.  Minimum quantities are needed for maximum results.
  • Green: Final step, Extra high shine polishing for precious metals gold, white gold, silver and platinum
  • Red: Produces a brilliant shine on gold, white gold, silver and platinum
  • Brown: Used for polishing non precious metals steel, brass and aluminum
  • White: Produces a reflective luster on silver and silver alloys
  • Gray: Best for achieving a reflective shine on Stainless Steel, gold, silver, and platinum
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Market prices as of 10/18/2017
Gold 1280.20 Platinum 927.00 Silver 16.95