Gemvision® Image Dome Micro with Camera

Better repair take in starts with better visualization of every item. Traditional light boxes deliver a good image for general use, but their design limits the ability to capture the multiple angles needed for detailed inspection. Featuring 5 axis positioning, ImageDome MICRO represents a whole new way to capture jewelry that can bring any area of interest into perfect view for you and your customer.

The ImageDome MICRO is not just for close up work, it is designed to be your
one stop imaging platform. A flat stage attachment allows you to lay out flat pieces and a surprisingly large field of view accommodates neckwear and other large items.

As with all equipment made for taking pictures of jewelry, lighting is the critical. The ImageDome MICRO boasts an easy to use but extremely flexible lighting system. LED lamps on each side aimed at movable side panels create indirect lighting and create adjustable hotspots and reflection areas. Diffused light is delivered from a light ring around the camera. The on-board LED lights housed in the camera have been diffused as well and can even be turned off from the control software.
This item is no longer available.

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