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Class Descriptions

Factory Tours

Our manufacturing operations tours follow the path of precious materials through our 600,000-square-foot facility. Each tour lasts 90 minutes.
Note: Some tours begin before official start time. Please plan your travel accordingly. Early registration at Stuller is available in advance of tours. Limit: 15

Basic Diamond Grading

Using live product under the guidance of Stuller’s diamond grading experts, learn about the basic clarity and color grading of diamonds, the four C’s, the correct environment for grading, the tools you’ll need, common and unique inclusions, finding shortcuts, and how labs perform grading. Also learn how to use a loupe, tweezers and other basic instruments.
Note: Not for accreditation. Limit: 30

Basic Gemstone Identification

In this session, you will learn the basics of gemstone identification including terminology, the identification process, instruments used, and testing techniques. The key instruments covered include the Refractometer, Polariscope, Spectroscope, and Magnification. We will also show how ultraviolet lighting, specific gravity liquids and immersion liquids can assist in identifying gemstones. While directed toward the novice, this session will also offer some "tips and tricks" for those with previous training.
Note: Not for accreditation. Limit: 50

Diamond Market Recap

Understand the dynamics of the contemporary diamond economy. In this session, Stuller experts will review the influence of China and other markets on the US,discuss the impact of lab-grown diamonds, assess industry trends, and discuss the outlook for the rest of the year.
Limit: 60

Digital Technology Featuring both Matrix® and RhinoGold

Get an exclusive glimpse inside the powerful features of the latest versions of CounterSketch®, RhinoGold and Matrix®. This class will assist you with understanding the basic functionality of these award-winning software packages. We will also explore tips and tricks to assist you in creating on-trend designs for today’s market. This class is a rare opportunity to listen and learn from Gemvision’s top technical support and education staff.
Limit: 32

New ClassDigitally Grown Assets

Once you have your CAD file, where do you go from there? This class will cover preparing files for printing, a demo of an actual print, cleaning and curing. Our experts will also discuss post processing, sharing the best methods, tips and tricks.
Limit: 60

Fusion Welding Training

A two-hour, hands-on experience with the powerful and easy-to-use Orion Pulse-Arc welder. The precision and control of these welders make them ideal for a range of applications including retipping prongs, resizing rings, closing links, filling porosity, welding dissimilar metals, repairing eyeglasses and many other manufacturing and repair jobs.
Note: Some sessions occur before official event start time. Limit: 15

Increase Profits with Repair

Are you making as much profit on your repair business as you should? Join in on an important conversation on how up-selling, proper documentation, staff education, technology, appropriate pricing and other simple practices can increase your repair profits.
Limit: 60

Introduction to Laser Welding

Lessons include pulse shaping, maintenance, retipping, sizing, prong building, restoration, and fabrication. Class size is kept small to allow ample hands-on time with the equipment.
Limit: 10

Jewelry Photography

Learn about the value of photography for your repair take-in as well as your online marketing. See demos of the latest technology available and ask our experts about the easiest and quickest techniques.
Limit: 40

Maximize Precious Metal Recovery Profits

Increase your bottom line profitability by better understanding the precious metals recovery process. We will explain various refining processes used, based upon the material involved. Learn to better segregate your material, reduce refining expenses, and maximize your recovery dollars.
Limit: 60

Casting Machine Demonstrations

Limit: 20

Stuller.com: Working Smarter

In this overview of Stuller.com, you'll get a closer look at several of the overlooked features and settings that are available to help you work more efficiently. We will also give you a preview of some exciting enhancements we have slated to release this year.
Limit: 32

Visual Merchandising Made Easy

How do you build a brand? Do your displays and cases show your jewelry to its best advantage? Does your packaging tell your unique story? Learn simple yet effective tips and tricks that will help you sell your store’s brand through enticing visual merchandising.
Limit: 50

Working with Platinum

Platinum provides you with a unique opportunity to increase profits and satisfy your customers, but working with platinum can be difficult if you don't have the right tools and the best resources. From casting to sizing to selling, learn about the tips and tools that are available to bench jewelers from Stuller and Platinum Guild International.
Limit: 30

New ClassImproving Your Business Through Benchmarking

It is critical that the retail jeweler develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve the goals of gaining a competitive advantage, growing sales and increasing profit. Planning and benchmarking are a necessary part of this strategy if it is to be successful. This seminar will provide insight into the changing world of jewelry retailing and outline a structured system for developing effective ways to manage resources more efficiently through planning and benchmarking.
Limit: 40

New ClassLab Grown Diamonds: Their Place in the Industry

Lab grown diamonds are a hot topic in the industry. What are consumers being exposed to and what can jewelers do to prepare themselves for potential risks? What are the benefits of carrying lab grown diamonds? This session will explore various aspects of lab grown diamonds including their history, production, media coverage, screening and detection, and their future in the market.
Limit: 60

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