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Start Saving Today. The Metals Club enables you to buy only what you need, when you need it, and still receive the price benefits of your average monthly combined purchase totals —best of all, it’s FREE to join.

Member benefits include—

  • Buying directly from the manufacturer.
  • Determining your best price level through your monthly purchases.
  • Ordering just what you need daily and still receive your Club member volume pricing.
  • Enjoying a Club member price level whether you use 20 dwt or 10,000 dwt per month.
  • Including all casting grain, sheet, wire, sizing stock, tubing, and solders.

Frequently Asked Questions

For customers who frequently purchase Stuller’s fabricated metals products (including grain, sheet, wire, stock, solder, tubing, etc.), the Metals Club is a must-have. Stuller will check your average monthly purchasing history to establish your Metals Club level (20 dwt-2,000 dwt per month). This allows you to purchase small quantities as needed yet receive your total quantity discount price. Also, as long as you meet the quota for one metal quality, you’ll get the quantity pricing for gold, platinum, and silver products. After approximately six months, Stuller will review your metals purchases, advise you on how closely you have met your original purchasing estimates, and determine if a change in your Metals Club level would benefit you.

  • 20 dwt
  • 50 dwt
  • 100 dwt
  • 200 dwt
  • 500 dwt
  • 1,000 dwt
  • 1,500 dwt
  • 2,000 dwt

For greater quantity club levels, please call the Metals Club Member Hotline at 800-877-7777, ext. 3215, or email

Yes, Stuller can review your Gold, Silver, and Platinum purchases in order to determine the optimal Metals Club level for you.

Call the Stuller Metals Club Hotline toll free at 800-877-7777, ext. 3215, or email One of our friendly Club specialists will walk you through setting it up and answer any questions.

Remember, there are no membership fees, and if you are not a Club member, you are probably paying too much.

The entry level of Metals Club will help you save an average of 15% on labor charges. Regardless of what the gold market is today, tomorrow, or next month, your savings per dwt will always be the same.

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Club member price levels are evaluated semi-annually and are subject to change according to actual monthly purchase totals. Be sure to order all of your mill, solder and casting grain products from Stuller to increase your profitability and maintain your Club member price level status.

Market prices as of 11/22/2017
Gold 1286.95 Platinum 941.00 Silver 16.97