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What is MatrixGold?

MatrixGold is an innovative 3D CAD software that places complete creative control in
your hands when designing custom jewelry.

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System Requirements

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Upgrade to MatrixGold 3.8 and Rhino 8

Take advantage of new tools that will enhance your design experience with improved speed and responsiveness through the integration of MatrixGold 3.8 and Rhino 8.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What experience is required to use MatrixGold?

Anyone can get started with MatrixGold and be successful — from the jewelry student just beginning this journey to the seasoned designer looking to take your custom business to the next level. MatrixGold offers tools and solutions to streamline the custom jewelry process, and we provide everything you need on your journey with virtual or in-person training.

How much does MatrixGold cost? Are financing options available?

If you are a first-time MatrixGold software user, the program is a $5,995 investment. For existing Matrix® or RhinoGold users, you have access to a transition price of $2,995. Financing options are available for up to 12 months interest free for qualifying U.S. customers.* Click here to contact us with your questions and interest in financing options.

* International customers may contact their authorized dealer by clicking here to discuss alternative financing options.

What is included in a MatrixGold Membership?

With an active MatrixGold Membership, you have access to the MatrixGold Online Academy, quarterly virtual seminars, 10% off certifications, software upgrades, and exclusive promotions — all benefits ready to support your continued success. You receive the first six months of a MatrixGold Membership complimentary with your initial purchase of the software.

How can finished designs be manufactured?

Bringing your custom designs to life with MatrixGold is a seamless process. Once you complete a project, you can export the file in any 3D file format needed for your preferred manufacturing process. You may also submit your design to Stuller’s CAD/CAM Services for an easy manufacturing experience.

Is there additional technology needed to run MatrixGold?

MatrixGold requires a Rhino license, which can be easily added to your MatrixGold purchase at checkout, as well as a compatible operating system. Click here to view system requirements.

Take your jewelry design to the next level with MatrixGold

Parametric History

Rebuilding your designs from scratch is a thing of the past. Parametric history is a revolutionary tool that keeps track of all steps in the design process and allows you to make changes at any phase. Redesign or adjust in seconds while keeping your project on track.

Content Manager

Design from a blank slate or use a library of pre-built parts to give you a starting point. Easily jump into your project with our collections, which gives you a base design you can adjust to suit your customer’s needs.

Photo-Realistic Rendering

Help your customers envision their dream jewelry using the Render Studio, which contains a wide range of tools that allow you to achieve photo-realistic images or create a sequence of individual frames using 3D animation.

Organic Modeling

Showcase your organic designs with the 3D modeling power of Clayoo, a tool that builds beautifully and uniquely structured custom designs. Animals, flowers, patterns, reliefs, and more are effectively showcased with this feature.


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