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What is Matrix®?

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If you'd prefer to design from a blank slate, then Matrix is the tool of choice. Created by jewelers for jewelers, Matrix is award-winning software that contains step-by-step builders to allow for complete creative exploration.

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Take Control.
Matrix delivers exactly what your customers want without the high risk of stocking inventory.
Save Time.
Speed up your setting time and reduce correction and clean up at the bench with 100% dimensionally accurate jewelry.
Be Creative.
Create unique designs for customers, or express your own creativity with a new line of jewelry.
Get Inspired.
Excite current customers to restyle old gems and jewelry. Attract new customers with a personalized buying experience.

Made with Matrix

Matrix is designed to help jewelers do one thing: create purely custom designs. These were all submissions in the Matrix Design Contest.

How It Works -- powerful features

Freeform design with Clayoo 2.5

Clayoo represents the next generation of organic modeling tools. Optimized to run inside Matrix, Clayoo tools offer SubD, Emboss, and the intuitive Sculpt methods similar to carving and shaping clay. Included with Matrix for a limited time.

Created by jewelers, for jewelers

Matrix satisfies a jeweler’s needs for precise specifications, customer and job management, quick pricing, and easy ordering, while also providing helpful tools to maximize productivity at the bench.

Create captivating render images

V-Ray for Matrix — the award-winning rendering engine within Matrix — lets users at any skill level create stunning, photo-realistic images. You can also create moving animations, and Matrix Viewer lets your customers see and interact with your 3D designs.

Robust tools and time-saving features

  • Access all of the most useful tools with the F6 key when performing common functions.
  • Design history is automatically contained within parts you build allowing quick changes at any time.
  • See weight calculations at any time of your design in a variety of metal qualities.
  • Initiate a Submit a CAD Model order from inside the software and let Stuller take care of your production.
  • Design a look once and quickly apply it to multiple elements with Style Sheets.
  • Use flexible library parts as is or quickly edit them to get the perfect look.
  • Give 3D depth to 2D images with Texture Builder.
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Training and Support

To get the most out of your Matrix software, we offer comprehensive hands-on training classes, an online academy, a user forum, as well as technical support by emailing us or calling 888-357-6272.

For more information about technical support, please visit gemvision.com/support.

Support Materials

Get started with these helpful resources.

Webinar options

See for yourself why thousands of jewelers are using award-winning Matrix 3D Jewelry Design Software to improve their business.

5/23/2019 Market Prices:
Gold 1283.65 Platinum 798.00 Silver 14.48