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Opening Session

The opening session will cover a variety of thought provoking leadership concepts that will help participants get ready for the challenges they face, externally and internally, as they begin the Bridge program.

Your Industry Today

Our industry constantly evolves, and with each year’s challenges, we understand it can be quite scary. Relax and get the facts with Stuller’s Vice President of Strategic Analysis, Harold Dupuy. He’ll share the latest on historical trends, the changing retail landscape, e-commerce, millennials, bridal, lab-grown diamonds, market forces, and more.

Meaning Business

Discover how simple business management, effective communication with your employees, and clearly defined goals can help you seize 2018 and make it your best year yet.

Igniting Your Brand

Branding is vital — more so now than ever before. Our expert brand team will talk about defining and building your brand, and how cultivating your company’s image can improve your cross-generational appeal and success. During this session, you’ll create a toolbox with tips to evolve your brand.

Driving Traffic

Join us as we walk you through the evolution of digital technology and inspire you to embrace the new opportunities digital creates. We’ll introduce you to digital disruptors of our industry and teach you how to use the 3 Es to play the digital game.

Keeping Up with Custom

The customization craze is here to stay. Why is it gaining such ground? It gives customers an experience based on participation. We’ll use examples from outside industries to demonstrate how offering customization can take your business further and exceed customer expectations.

CX: A Cut Above

What does it take to deliver a great Customer experience? We’ll cover five important principles to help you build great relationships with your customer and turn them into advocates of your brand.

Stuller Diamonds

Diamonds can present unique challenges, but they’re challenges with solutions. Better yet, the solutions offer you great opportunities. We’ll show you how Stuller meets and overcomes those challenges, the latest in diamond-screening technology, and everything you need to know about diamonds in today’s industry.

Fashion Forward

We do business in a trend-driven industry where crazes spring up overnight, so keeping pace with the hottest styles and items is essential to fulfilling every desire. Learn the who, what, and where about current trends—and how to capitalize on them.

Bridge Electives

Gemvision Software Demonstrations

Do you have questions about or want hands-on experience with custom design software? Our Gemvision software experts will help you with CounterSketch®, RhinoGold, and Matrix®.

From the Bench® Learning Center

Make your way around our newly renovated tools demonstration room and meet our experts as they demonstrate laser welding, stone setting, lab-grown diamonds, and 3D printing. Get your questions answered and explore what options can help you.

Business Planning

Do you want to learn about practical ways to drive traffic to your store, capture more conversion, and increase your average order value? In this class, we'll explore strategies that drive your return on investment, so you see more profit and less loss.

Social Media Intermediate

Learn how to set up traffic-driving tools like Call-to-Action buttons, Facebook Events, Promoted Pins and more from our resident social media experts.

Social Media Advanced

Learn how to set up traffic-driving tools like Shoppable Posts, Social Advertising, Disappearing Content and more from our resident social media experts.


In this workshop we’ll walk you through a series of exercises that will help you develop a compelling brand story. We encourage you to bring your business cards, posters, and logo designs, and our team of experts can share some techniques on how to brand yourself.

Marketing Ideation

Join Stuller Marketing leaders for an open ideation session, where you and your peers will share some traditional and non-traditional Marketing strategies and tactics designed to grow your business.

1/16/2019 Market Prices:
Gold 1292.30 Platinum 800.00 Silver 15.54