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COVID-19 Update

In an effort to minimize Covid 19 exposure for our employees, customers and community, we will be conducting training's with limited capacities until further notice.

Check back soon for our 2021 Bench Jeweler Workshop date.

Battle of the Benches

Stuller’s Battle of the Benches® is a real-time contest featuring four exceptional bench jewelers. More information to come on contestant submissions!

Why Should I Attend?


There’s something here for everyone, from novices to pros. Create a custom schedule of classes that suits your interests and needs. In between, visit product and skill demonstrations at your own pace.

Technology & Products

Be among the first to handle new products and technology. Test out tools or new software programs you might be interested in before you buy. Get special trade show pricing in our jewelry and tools showrooms.


Talk shop with jewelers from across the country. Meet up with your Stuller contacts and visit one-on-one with industry experts. Make important contacts for the future.


"If you don’t come here, you don’t know what you’re missing. The classes were very informative, and we learned things that we were doing incorrectly."

- Nancy Huynh, Eve’s Custom Jewelry, Houston TX

"You are losing money if you don’t come and get the information and the experience offered by this workshop.”

- Robert Huzzy, DK Jewelers, Westminster, MD

"There’s new stuff in the industry, and it’s great to see it here.”

- Grant Speed, JewelFire Diamonds, Arvada, Co.

Additional Trainings

Laser Training

Basic Laser Training

Learn everything you need to maximize your laser welder's full potential and get the biggest return on your investment.

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Matrix Training

Matrix® Training

Get hands-on training to operate your software, as well as tips on how to incorporate technology into real selling scenarios.

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