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COVID-19 Update

In an effort to minimize Covid 19 exposure for our employees, customers and community, we will be conducting trainings with limited capacities until further notice.

Class Descriptions

Note: Classes offered are subject to change.

Social Media Uncovered

When discussing social media strategy, the three questions we get asked most often are WHEN, WHAT and HOW. In this session, we will demonstrate using your social media insights to answer those burning questions. You will learn WHEN you should be posting and WHAT kind of content performs best– PLUS we will go over the latest changes to the social space so you know HOW to get the job done!

Basic Gemstone Identification

Learn the basics of gemstone identification terminology, the identification process, instruments used, and proper testing techniques with a combination of lecture and a hands-on in this popular session. Each attendee will be instructed on how to properly use three key instruments (Refractomer, Polariscope and Dichroscope) in the “hands-on” segment of this class.

Other topics covered include how the viewing light influences perceived gemstone color as well as other methods used in identifying gems including ultraviolet lighting, specific gravity liquids, filters and immersion liquids. While designed for beginners, this session will also offer tips and tricks for those with previous training. .

Stuller.com: Web Based Tools

Stuller.com is a large and complex website, but it can still be fast and easy to use. In this overview, we’ll review some best practices for searching and navigating the site, look at available options and settings in the My Account area, and highlight our newest features and enhancements. In addition, we’ll explore Stuller Showcase, Digital Goldsmith, and answer any questions that you may have.

Basic Diamond Grading

Using live product under the guidance of Stuller's diamond grading experts, learn about the basic clarity and color grading of diamonds, the four C's, the correct environment for grading, the tools you'll need, common and unique inclusions, finding shortcuts, and how labs perform grading. Also, we will explain why not all 1/2ct round G SI1’s aren’t created equal. We will teach you how to use a loupe, tweezers, and other basic instruments. Note: Not for accreditation.

Digital Technology Today

Get an exclusive look at the newest features of Stuller’s digital solutions, MatrixGold and CounterSketch. Understanding the basic functionality of our software while exploring tips and tricks that will assist you in using existing content libraries or creating your own to maximize your efforts and speed up the custom jewelry design and sales process. We will also discuss the best practices for implementing digital solutions into your business.

Basic Jewelry Sizing

This course is intended for customers who have a basic knowledge and experience using a torch. The course description/bullet points are:

  • Tools and Equipment
  • Safety
  • Solder Characteristics
  • Types of solder joints
  • Sizing Demonstration
  • Group Participation
  • Q&A

Laser Welding Demo

With a multitude of benefits, laser welders are invaluable tools. Learn how your store can benefit from owning a laser and get a hands on demo with our line of Coherent and Orotig lasers.

Pricing Repair

Are you taking in customer jewelry for repair? If so, this is a must do session. We will discuss how repair is changing and how you need to protect yourself in the take process. We will also cover in the session the different pricing strategies that exist in valuing your labor.

Casting Demo

Dennis Busby, Director of Casting will take you through the process of casting a white gold tree utilizing the RDO and TopCast casting machines.

Material Segregation Practices

Learn how to create value by ensuring that you are properly managing the segregation of your materials

Fusion Welding Training

This session gives you a look at the powerful, easy-to-use Orion™ pulse-arc fusion welder. With advance precision and control, these welders are ideal for many applications. Uses include re-tipping prongs, resizing rings, closing links, filling porosity, welding dissimilar metals, repairing eyeglasses, and many more manufacturing and repair jobs.

Platinum Panel

In this panel discussion, we’ll talk everything platinum: myths, misconceptions, and fantastic facts. Together, we’ll cover pressing topics like platinum benefits, alloys and identifying them, bench scraps and shavings, platinum refining, and working with platinum at the bench. We’ll overcome common objections to platinum and demonstrate why incorporating platinum into your offerings makes more than your customers happy—it makes your bottom line happier, too.

4/21/2021 Market Prices:
Gold 1798.20 Platinum 1196.00 Silver 25.91