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Basic Gemstone Identification

Learn the basics of gemstone identification terminology, the identification process, instruments used, and proper testing techniques with a combination of lecture and hands-on practice in this popular session. Each attendee is instructed on how to properly use four key instruments (microscope, refractometer, polariscope, and dichroscope) in the practical segment of the class. Other topics covered include how light influences perceived gemstone color as well as other methods of identifying gemstones, such as ultraviolet lighting, specific gravity, filters, and immersion liquids. While designed for beginners, this session also offers tips and tricks for those with previous training.

Diamond Testing and Screening

In this combination of theory and practice, learn how to differentiate between natural, earth-mined diamonds and their lab-grown diamond counterparts. Each attendee will learn diamond screening terminology, the formation processes of both origins, their visible and non-visible unique properties, the available screening technologies, and how to properly use them for separation. During the practical portion of the session, attendees have the opportunity to screen a variety of loose and mounted natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, and simulants. This class is extremely helpful for any jeweler, retailer, or appraiser at any level.

Stuller.com: Web Based Tools

Learn how to navigate and optimize Stuller.com, our 3C Builder experience, Stuller Showcase®, and more to get the most out of your online shopping experience. By understanding how to easily find the products you need, quickly provide custom solutions for your customers, and reach your customers where they want to shop, your jewelry business will be ready to serve your customers efficiently and effectively. This class gives you a behind-the-scenes look at new and upcoming updates coming to Stuller’s digital solutions.

Digital Technology Today

If you’re ready to take your custom jewelry design business digital, join us to get an exclusive look at the newest features of Stuller’s digital solutions: MatrixGold® and CounterSketch®. We explore the basic functionalities of our software while sharing tips and tricks to maximize your business and create an unforgettable customer experience. We also discuss best practices for implementing digital solutions into your business that make custom jewelry design easy and efficient.

Intro to Digital Manufacturing

In this class, we explore techniques and workflows that jewelers use to go from CAD (Computer Aided Design) to CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing). We review production standards, file supporting, and validation to ensure each print on your 3D printer is successful. Join jewelers everywhere and learn the latest workflows in going from software to print to manufacturing.

Basic Diamond Grading

Using live product under the guidance of Stuller's diamond grading experts, learn about the basic clarity and color grading of diamonds, the 4Cs, the correct environment for grading, the tools you need, common and unique inclusions, finding shortcuts, and how labs perform grading. We also teach you how to use a loupe, tweezers, and other basic instruments. Note: Not for accreditation.

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