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Make Your Mark

The goal of our packaging team is to help you make your mark—on the jewelry business, on your customers, and, literally speaking, on the essential items that showcase your products.

We do this by offering an evolving array of sophisticated customization options, all designed to help you build a brand that is as personal as it is professional.

Two Ways to Leave Your Stamp

Our custom processes include two different imprinting technologies: hot foil stamping and digital printing.

The hot foil stamping process involves the use of heated metal stamps, or dies, which forcefully impress your unique emblem onto the packaging option of your choice. The resulting metallic mark literally stands out on the package, asking to be brushed and felt.

For an attractive, economical ink solution, we also offer 4-color digital printing. Cured and polymerized with UV light, digitally-printed insignia resist both flaking and fading.

Let us be your flag bearers

Your package is your flag. It's a symbol of your brand that you want to keep waving in your customers’ mind. Here, at Stuller, we have a team of professionals dedicated to helping you continuously raise your standards for all to see. Let us help you build your brand and bear your flag.

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