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Sterling Silver by Stuller

The Look of Platinum. The Strength of Gold.

After more than 42 years in the jewelry business, Stuller’s extensive experience with precious metals has given us in-depth knowledge about their characteristics. That knowledge makes us better equipped to expand on those characteristics and develop new metal alloys, to minimize the limitations and maximize their ideal qualities – all to help you make better and longer-lasting heirloom-quality jewelry for your customers. Whatever your needs, be it findings, shanks, or mill products, Stuller has your white hot metal desires covered. For more information, call 800-877-7777.

Developed by Stuller, Continuum® sterling silver has over 95% precious metal content. It is considered a European-friendly sterling silver, as it contains no nickel. It is a grade 1 bright white metal. This patent-pending sterling silver has an as-cast hardness that allows setting of high quality stones in a sterling silver jewelry. This, combined with superior oxidizing and tarnish resistance, allows for a finish that will last longer.

It can easily be age hardened up to 150 HV, making it comparable to the “as-cast” hardness of 14kt gold. It remains ductile after hardening and can be used to make high quality earring clutch backs and other jewelry components that require springiness. Continuum®’s mechanical properties fall between those of 14kt yellow gold and most other sterling silver alloys. This versatile alloy can be used for casting, die striking, and producing mill products. It can be worked at the bench with ease.

Market prices as of 10/26/2016
Gold 1270.50 Platinum 963.00 Silver 17.66