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The Globus micro ball sets are perfect for stone setters and anyone needing to work on a piece from any angle.

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The Globus micro ball vise set is perfect for beginner stone setters and anyone needing to work on rings from any angle. Let me show you what's in the set and how you use them.

So in this set, we have a clamp holder, a cone mount using a micro or standard ball vise, the attachments for rings, four cylinders and 10 expandable collets, a large box for pendants and earrings, and a wheel for necklaces and watches. If you use the small box, you can easily transition from a horizontal position to a vertical position with all the attachments. The easy to grip handle allows you to work more comfortably in working with the attachments. The hexagon base with the master key can be used with all of the attachments in any kind of ball vise. If you use the hexagon handle, just screw the handle to the base before mounting to the vise. The curved key is also compatible with the hexagon base and can be used with all of the attachments in the set. The mini adapter with a small key can be used on its own or as a small key or attach to the hexagon base. These can be used when working with rings either with cylinders or collets. There are two cones on bolts for expanding the collets. Screws to use with the bolts come in 38, 45, and 55 millimeters. There are also adaptive sway standard ball vise for the clamp holder and cone mount. A ring holder and hexagon holder for round and square stones to work under the halo to set stones for micro pave or special designed rings. The kit comes as a master set in a case made of carbon fiber with inserts for each piece to keep it neat. There is space for burs, gravers, or any other items you regularly use.

First I'll show you how to use any clamp holder with the ring. Place the two clamp holders in the vise. Grab the two rubber pads, I will hold them with one hand and then you can place your ring in between and you tighten the vise. And now your ring is secure and won't slip, leaving you the flexibility to reposition the ring in any way.

Next, I'll show you how to use a cone mount and a collet to mount a ring. First place a cone mount on the vice. Pick the right collet that you need for the size of the shank. Attach it in the middle, tighten the vice. The collet will expand and hold the ring tight. If you'd like to reposition, loosen, and now you can move the ring anywhere you'd like. Simply tighten the hex back up and now it's tight again.

The hexagon base is easy to use. Simply place in the vice and tighten. The master key will we work to a more comfortable setting position and it can be tightened with the same allen wrench.

The mini adapter with small key can also be attached to the hexagon base, which gives you even more flexibility. Attaching a collet to a key is easy. Grab your cone screw, slide your collet over it, attach the other cone to the collet, place it on the key, and screw down the nut. Once tightened it will expand the collet and hold your ring in position and you have lots of flexibility for setting.

The curved key can also be used with the hexagon base. It has three holes in it and can be used with any attachment in the kit. To attach a box to a key, use your long cone screw cone, slide into the key, tighten the nut, and it's secure. Now you can set earrings with maximum flexibility.

You can attach the wheel the same way when working on watches, bracelets, and chains, giving you that maximum flexibility. If you prefer to hold your work, grab the hexagon handle and screw it into the bottom of the hexagon base tighten it securely. This provides yet another way to use the attachments. Metal cylinders attach the same way as a plastic collet would.

I think you guys are starting to see the potential that this kit has. There are so many ways that you can combine these attachments to give you limitless work holding positions.

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