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Three United Companies with One Important Goal

Since 1970, Stuller has promised to provide the best solutions for the jewelry industry. As a company, we face many of the same challenges that you do. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new innovations, testing them first in our workflow before we bring them to you on a large scale.

The Gemvision Revolution

As part of an initiative to reduce our own physical inventory and improve our manufacturing processes, we looked to Gemvision’s industry-leading technology. In September 2015, Gemvision moved its main operations from Davenport, Iowa, to Stuller’s headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, with supporting technology teams in Iowa and North Carolina.

Going Global with TDM Solutions

Also in 2015, Stuller partnered with TDM Solutions in Barcelona, Spain to expand our global footprint and add more talent to our ever-expanding digital team. Leveraging the strengths of these three companies, our aim is to continue to give jewelers the dynamic tools they need to thrive in a changing market, delivering on the same promise we made nearly half a century ago.

Check out some of the most successful results of these collaborations:

  • Transforming Stuller Design and Production

    Transforming Stuller Design and Production
    In order to streamline and improve processes, Stuller implemented a large-scale CAD platform driven by Gemvision technology. This new platform also allowed convenient manufacturing options to be integrated into Gemvision and TDM software.

  • Comprehensive 3D Rendering

    Comprehensive 3D Rendering
    Stuller teamed with Gemvision to develop a robust, company-wide 3D rendering system. The new rendering capabilities enabled the creation of detailed, photo-realistic images of all jewelry designs and design variations.

  • 3C Flexibility

    3C Flexibility
    Stuller’s CAD platform, devised with the help of Gemvision engineers, allows for new flexible 3C products that can be easily customized online at Stuller.com. This allows for quick on-screen changes in finger sizes, metal qualities, and center stone shapes and sizes.

  • CounterSketch<sup>®</sup> Delivers CAD for All

    CounterSketch® Delivers CAD for All
    CounterSketch software brings the 3D CAD experience into the showroom with user-friendly customization that engages your customer in the design process.

  • The Total Custom Operation

    The Total Custom Operation
    CounterSketch evolves into a full-fledged customization ecosystem, integrating 3C designs as well as Ever&Ever® and other Stuller prototype selling systems. It also allows jewelers to shop Stuller’s Diamonds with Grading Report inventory, render beautiful images, and easily order from Stuller—all from within the software.

  • CounterSketch<sup>®</sup> Creativity

    CounterSketch® Creativity
    Available inside CounterSketch Studio, Freehand gives jewelers a library of flexible parts and the tools to add creative design details or build entirely new jewelry.

  • Stuller Innovation

    Stuller Innovation
    Today, Stuller’s internal innovation experts collaborate closely with the Gemvision and TDM technology teams to develop the tools and products of tomorrow.

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