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June 13, 2017

Stuller, Inc. Ensures Diamond Integrity

Supplier adds additional multi-step screening processes

Lafayette, LA (June 13, 2017) – With the rise of lab-grown (synthetic) diamonds, Stuller continues to implement strict screening processes to ensure quality and integrity.

“The introduction and rise of lab-grown diamonds makes reliability and trust more important than ever,” says Stanley Zale, vice president of diamonds and gemstones. “We started introducing more screening steps through the use of machines like the De Beers Automated Melee Screening Device for stones we bring in-house. Now, not only have we added more technology for even better screening, but we’ve also made that technology available for our customers to use in their stores.”

This year alone, Stuller will add these new and improved screening devices to its newly establish Diamond Lab:

  • The De Beers Automated Melee Screening Device 2, which provides an increased processing capacity of 3,600 diamonds per hour

  • Three advanced analytical spectrometers – Raman & PL, FTIR, and UV-Vis-NIR

  • The De Beers’ PhosView, a self-contained screening device

  • The portable D-Screen machine from HRD Laboratories

  • The Presidium® screener

“This cutting edge technology coupled with many years of experience has evolved our first ever diamond-screening laboratory — a one-of-a-kind center solely focused on ensuring diamond integrity,” continues Zale. “We don’t tolerate undisclosed lab-grown diamonds in our inventory. For added security, we further require our vendors to screen all diamonds for lab-grown. Random samples of stones are also periodically sent out to leading laboratories to check for synthetics.”

To learn more about Stuller’s diamond screening process visit Stuller.com/AboutDiamonds or to see our selection of diamond screening tools visit Stuler.com/tools.

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