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The following tips will help you keep earrings intact during setting. These practices will not only come handy for your next earring setting but will also help rid you of any failed solder joints. Read more
In part 2 of our series on platinum, learn about basic tips and tricks on how to properly size a platinum ring. Read more
Making a master model look like the intended design can be a strenuous task. Here are tips to keep in mind so you can achieve a desirable result. Read more
Safety is one of the most overlooked issues facing bench jewelers. Here are a few saftey tips to keep in mind while at the bench. Read more
Pusle-arc welding is a skill that allows bench jewelers to save time and improve quality while at work. Read more
Take small shop centrifugal casting far beyond the hobbyist level. Read more
Learn everything you need to know about platinum alloy and annealing in the final part of our platinum series. Read more
Cushion-cut stone setting is not incredibly difficult. To make life even easier, follow these simple tips and tricks and become a master. Read more
Working with sterling silver can be a jeweler's most frustrating task. Read how using a laser can solve all of your sterling silver problems. Read more
Stuller's laser expert goes through some maintenance tips to help keep your laser in tip top shape. Read more
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