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Our Lab-Grown Diamond Jewelry Collection

Modern Brilliance goes beyond traditional jewelry options to offer brilliant looks at an affordable price.

This curated collection features both fine jewelry and bridal jewelry set with lab-grown diamonds. From essential to on-trend, these styles are available at accessible price points, making them perfect for your customers who are looking to save money and explore all options.

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From line bracelets to classic stud earrings, these fine jewelry pieces offer an affordable way for your customers to get the styles they've always wanted.


Modern Brilliance's Bridal collection includes semi-set engagement rings along with fully set eternity and anniversary bands, and ring enhancers.

Best-Selling Styles

Lab-Grown Diamonds

What are lab-grown diamonds and what are their benefits? We answer these questions and more at the link below.

Diamond Screening and Testing

Protecting your diamond inventory is important. Learn which equipment works best for your business by clicking below.

8/10/2020 Market Prices:
Gold 2044.50 Platinum 991.00 Silver 28.27