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● Is Stuller open for business?
Stuller’s global headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana is closed for normal operations. We have Customer Care Associates, working remotely, who are ready to take your order, answer your questions or finance related questions during the hours of 8am to 7pm central daylight time. Chat with us online, Call us at 800.877.7777, or email us at

● How can I communicate with Stuller associates working remotely?
Our associates are providing service remotely and you can connect with us through our normal channels. Chat with us online, Call us at 800.877.7777, or email us at

● What are Stuller’s actions related to the COVID-19 coronavirus?
Stuller is actively emailing our customers and posting the most up-to-date information on our actions on our blog. To access this please click here.


Fulfillment & Shipping / Delivery

● Are Stuller customers still able to order product?
Orders can still be placed by logging in to your account or by calling 800.877.7777 and selecting option 1. Our fulfillment team will be working to ship any in-Stock items beginning the week of April 13thAt this time, we are not able to guarantee next day delivery, you will see updated shipping dates on based on each item you order.

● Now that Louisiana’s stay a home order has been extended, will I receive my order as promised?Orders for in-Stock Items placed between 3/24 and 4/13 will begin shipping the week of April 13th. If the item is In Stock and requires no special handling, we estimate that it will ship by April 17th.

 If my business closes can you redirect my package or hold it?
Yes! Call 800.877.7777 and select option 3 to have your package re-routed or have us hold it until a later date. If your package has already attempted to be delivered, our carriers’ standard procedure is to make three attempts and return to us if undeliverable.

● How do I change my ship date or hold my order until my store opens?
If you have made the decision to close your business as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus or your local government has mandated a closure and you would like for us to hold your orders, we can set up your account to do so. To request this, please call 800.877.7777 and select option 3.

● Will Stuller allow for drop ships to home addresses if businesses are closed?
We are advising customers to select the drop ship address option when placing an order. If you have an order that is in progress and would like to change the shipping address, please call 800.877.7777 and select option 3 for further assistance. Be aware that you will be required to have your account number in order to make this change.

● When Stuller re-opens will all my orders bundle and ship together if I made multiple orders during the closure?
Yes! Our shipping team will be shipping all your orders together to save your shipping cost.

● Are customer pickups still available?
For any customers that are local to Stuller, please call 800.877.7777 when you receive your order shipment confirmation so we can arrange for you to pick it up.

● Will CADCAM still be taking custom orders?
Yes! Please Call (800.877.7777 ext 3804) or Chat with us online by selecting the Live CADCAM Chat function to get a quote on your custom order request. Once your quote has been accepted, we will process when we anticipate to return to normal operations on May 1st.


 If I return an item and Stuller closes, will someone be able to receive it?
Yes, Stuller is going to have a small team on site that is receiving packages daily that are being sent to Stuller. Processing and/or crediting returns is not guaranteed until we can return to normal operations on May 1st. Please call 800.877.7777 if you have any concerns about your return.

If you are attempting to return product, we are strongly recommending that you start your return on our Returns page. We offer you the option to purchase a return from us or start the return process using your own return label. This is the most effective way to ensure timely processing of your return. For all customers that start their return online from March 23rd to April 30th, we will waive restocking fees.

 The carrier attempted to deliver my package, but I was not there and now it was returned to Stuller. What happens next?

Stuller is receiving these packages returned to us daily and will be staging them to send back out once we have confirmed that you are open and ready to receive. Our Customer Care associates will be in contact with you for this confirmation. During this time, we will confirm your shipping address as well. If
you have any questions about a returned package, please contact us at 800.877.7777 and select option 3.


Finance Questions?

Our Customer Finance team is working remotely during the hours of 8am to 7pm central daylight time to answer any of your financial questions regarding your Stuller account. To reach them, please call 800.877.7777 and select option 4 or email them at
 If you are inquiring about making a payment, you can do so by one of the following
–For the quickest and easiest way to pay your Stuller invoice, please login to your account on and select the Pay Bill option under the My Account tab. There you will be able to select open invoices and submit your payment.
–You can also mail a check to Stuller, Inc. at P.O. Box 87777, Lafayette, Louisiana 70598.
–Call the Customer Finance team during our current business hours from 8am to 7pm at 800.877.7777 and select option 4.

Conditional Review Items (Memo)

My items on conditional review (memo) are due back while Stuller is closed.

Should I send them back anyway?

All items on conditional review (memo) can be held until Stuller is back in operation on April 13th. Someone will be on-site to accept your package. Please note, your memo may not be processed until after we have fully re-opened on May 1st.

Will I be invoiced?
No, we have stopped the invoicing process for the memo items at this time. If you would like to purchase an item you have on conditional review, please feel free to Chat with us online, Call us at 800.877.7777, or
email us at

● When will I be invoiced?
Upon Stuller’s newly anticipated re-opening date of May 1st, we will resume invoicing for items that have met the conditional review due date. For items that were out on conditional review during our closure, we will automatically extend these by 7 days to allow for our team to process in a timely manner.
 I would like to purchase an item on conditional review. Am I able to do that while
Stuller is closed?

Yes! If you would like to purchase an item you have on conditional review, please feel free to Chat with us online, Call us at 800.877.7777, or email us at

11/25/2020 Market Prices:
Gold 1810.20 Platinum 969.00 Silver 23.41