Offering customized jewelry is no longer an exception, it’s expected. With The Knot reporting that 45% of grooms customize the engagement ring, how do you communicate that a visit to your store means getting the perfect personalized ring? Step 1 – make sure your website tells your custom design story.

We call it a story for a reason. In most cases, it works best featuring main characters (the customers), supporting characters (you and your staff), and a beginning, middle, and end of the custom process. Of course, with a very happy ending — a beautiful finished ring, and an ecstatic customer.

Today, there are so many ways to offer customization. You can do your own design with software: CounterSketch®, RhinoGold, and Matrix™. Or incorporate prototype selling systems such as ever&ever® and Stuller’s free online tools. Even relying on outside providers, such as Stuller’s CAD/CAM services, is easier than ever. Once you have a process that works for you, it’s time to share, starting with your website and these tips:

Tell a Visual Story

Check out this example from Stone Oak Jewelers for inspiration and try this:

• Show the basic custom steps using the same ring. Focus on what will build confidence in the process and in you.

• If you wish to spotlight your shop capabilities or technology, focus on what will interest the customer and keep it simple. If you do your own casting, maybe show an image and say “We create the metal foundation for your ring right here in our shop.” If you want to talk about CAD, maybe also include something like the example above with “You will see a preview image of your piece in 3D from all angles.”

• Show examples of your recent custom work. If you don’t like your photo quality, use 3D render images. Add a short description of each design so visitors know how to describe things they like.

Be Open and Transparent

Check out this example from Custom Jewelry Lab for the “The How It Works” and "Pricing" sections.

We like this example because it walks through every step and every possible cost. It justifies every fee and leaves nothing to doubt. Confidence is high.

Address Myths and Misconceptions

Check out this example from Engaged Diamonds and think about this:

• This page is very effective at taking on the myth that custom automatically means expensive.

• Communicate to your customers that custom means they get to pick the type of metal, the size and quality of a center diamond, accent diamonds, etc. And with control over all the options, “you get exactly what you want, at exactly the price you want.”

How do you sell custom design in your store?