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Strategic Partners

In 2009, Stuller partnered with Gemvision, a jewelry software firm. Through this partnership, Gemvision's industry-leading customization technology was paired with Stuller's unmatched package of services for the retail jeweler. In September 2015, Gemvision moved its entire operation from Davenport, Iowa, to the Stuller’s headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, in order to work more closely with Stuller’s manufacturing operation.

This partnership has resulted in a number of noteworthy successes. These include —

  • CounterSketch® Studio, a creative software program with full 3D capabilities. The program allows jewelers to collaborate with customers in real-time for the design and creation of a piece of jewelry.
  • The evolution of Matrix software for professional jewelry designers.
  • The development of an advanced rendering system with the ability to display items in any gemstone and metal combination.
  • CAD modeling for catalog and web visualization, including an aggressive digital conversion initiative (converting static assets to flexible digital assets).
  • Development of the Create Bar, a turnkey customization and interactive sales solution.

Gemvision's user-friendly technology maximizes Stuller’s Choose/Change/Create™ customization initiative, enabling jewelers to design custom pieces using Stuller's vast inventory.

In today's challenging environment, digital customization is no longer a luxury—for jewelers or consumers. It is an increasingly critical profit strategy that Gemvision and Stuller are proud to made accessible to the independent jewelry professional.

Gemvision Features

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