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Clean Scrap Diamonds

Clean Scrap Diamonds

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You've come to trust Stuller when purchasing mill products, findings, grain, castings, jewelry, diamonds, and thousands of other products. Discover today how you can earn cash or credits toward your Stuller account by sending us your scrap metals and diamonds.

Choose your preference:
  1. Stuller account credit
  2. 50/50: Stuller account credit / electronic payment or check
  3. Electronic payment or check

Clean Scrap Diamonds

How does the scrap metal program work?
When your shipment arrives, we weigh it and verify the integrity of the metal. Next, we will melt your clean scrap and fire assay a sample. Then we apply value to your pure precious metal content based on your chosen payment option. All settlements will be based on after-melt weight at second London Fix on day of settlement.

See chart below to find melt value based on precious metal weight received. Value to be based on the second London fix on the day of settlement.

Settlement value will be applied to your Stuller account upon your approval. 

A packing slip must accompany your precious metal scrap to assure proper payment. Contact your friendly Stuller sales associate or print one (button to the right).

Metal Requirements:

  • Send only clean karat gold, silver, platinum or palladium scrap with stones removed
  • Fill out our Clean Scrap Packing Slip and include the weight of scrap and identify quality
  • Remove anything that is not precious metal
  • Package, insure adequately, and ship your scrap metal to:
    Stuller, Inc.
    ATTN Materials Management - EXT 3616
    302 Rue Louis XIV
    Lafayette, LA 70508

High Grade Bench Filings/Grindings have a 10oz. minimum (gross weight). Crucibles, emery paper, buffs or saw blades, computer parts, electronic parts, electrical parts, and plating solutions are not accepted for clean scrap (DO NOT SEND THESE ITEMS). Past due balances will be paid first before any funds are transferred to customer's bank.

Clean Scrap Diamonds

How does the scrap diamond program work?
When we receive your scrap shipment, we qualify the diamonds and verify the weight. If there is a weight discrepancy, you will be contacted immediately. Our diamond experts analyze the goods received and determine an offer. One of our Diamond Sales Specialists contacts you with the offer for your approval within 3 business days of receipt of the diamond scrap. Upon acceptance of the offer, you will receive payment within 2 to 3 business days.

Stuller will consider buying larger diamonds. Each is considered on an individual basis. Contact Carl at 1-800-877-7777 ext. 229 for more information.

Diamond Requirements:

  • Scrap melee 1/5 carat and below
  • 10-carat minimum of clean, unmounted scrap diamonds
  • Fill out our packing slip and include the carat weight of scrap
  • Package, insure adequately, and ship your scrap stones to:
    Stuller, Inc.
    ATTN Carl or Vivek, Dept 45
    302 Rue Louis XIV
    Lafayette, LA 70508

Market prices as of 9/28/2016
Gold 1322.50 Platinum 1017.00 Silver 19.12